Friday 21st February 2020


£40.00 per person

Join Spooky Events at one of the West Midlands most haunted locations. Take part in many vigils, such as; Ouija boards, table tipping, glass divination and watch and wait seances. You will also get full use of our professional ghost hunting equipment.
During the construction and running of this facility, 6 people are thought to have died. These deaths are from roof collapses during excavation and fatal human error during operation. It is believed most of the hauntings that occur here are from the very people that died here. During the years, there have been many reports of activity by workers and visitors alike. One of the most well-known spirits is that of Oswald. He is believed to be one of the people who tragically died here many years ago. He’s a mischievous spirit, who is known to pull hair, move objects, and touch people. He’s been experienced throughout the tunnels. It is believed, during the site’s decommission, the site was used as a place for satanic worship, opening a door to the other realm. Many mediums have reported the presence of a demonic entity, most often in the canteen area.
Are you brave enough to join Spooky Events at the fantastic location? Will you get scared when you cant even see your hand in front of your face?
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