Saturday 11th January 2020


£35.00 per person


Join Spooky Events at one of the West Midlands most haunted locations. Take part in many vigils, such as; Ouija boards, table tipping, glass divination and watch and wait seances. You will also get full use of our professional ghost hunting equipment.
The Four crosses in Cannock, was originally built in 1639 from old shipping timbers that are nearly 1000 years old. The building is steeped in tragedy. The most recent death reported was in the 1980s when young boy ran out into the road, outside the pub and was killed instantly. Another story is a young boy fells from a table in the upper bar area and died in the pub, this happened sometime in the 1800s. There are also reports of many suicides in the building too.
There have been many reported paranormal sightings at the Four crosses, one being a soldier in uniform, standing outside the building on rainy evenings, just starring back at the property. This same spirit has also been seen in the male toilets. Many spirits of children have been sighted by previous staff and visitors.
Do you dare to join us at this eerie but fantastic location? Would you do a lone vigil in the cellar? Or perhaps nominate a friend?
Book your tickets today, as tickets will sell out fast! This would make a perfect Christmas gift for someone who likes things a bit different.
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