Terms & Conditions

We do not accept any bad behaviour off any of our guests, if you are deemed to be disruptive or abusive you will be promptly dealt with and asked to leave the event, despite adverse weather conditions and transport arrangements. You will not be refunded, and you will not be allowed to participate in any of our future events. Any guests that seem to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will also be asked to leave the event. You should not be under the influence before or during one of our events. We do not need to prove that you are under the influence. Guests are more than welcome to use cameras and recording equipment on our events. These must not be used for any promotional purposes. You must ask permission if you take pictures or record any other individuals, this is solely your responsibility to gain consent from others.  You must have a torch with you on the event as it can be dark and some surfaces may be uneven. We ask all our guests, sceptics and believers to be considerate to other guest’s feelings. Just because you don’t see/hear or feel something doesn’t mean that other guests are not experiencing something paranormal. Please be polite and open minded.

Nothing is guaranteed on the night, if there are no paranormal happenings on the event, Spooky Events are not held responsible. The Spooky Events team do not touch equipment during vigils and have no actors working for us. This is your night, so stay open minded and put lots of energy into the vigils. We hope all our guest have a fantastic night. Happy Ghost hunting.